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Monday, 08 July 2024

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4th axis probing

 Here are some useful programs for setting the WCS for your 4th axis projects.

ProbeA_Rotary.nc is used to set the axis A origin so that a flat surface on your part is horizontal at A=0.

ProbeA_YZ.nc sets the Y and Z work offsets so that Y=0, Z=0 lies on the rotary axis.  This routine works with any shape of stock mounted on your 4th axis and can even use the body of your vise.  It does not require a special straight, test part to obtain highly accurate and repeatable results.

Depending on how your rotary axis is mounted, there's a minor edit you may have to do to get the correct rotation direction.  In each file, near the top you'll find the code

(set the a-axis direction here)
(1 means +ve A moves the top of the work toward the operator)
(-1 if +ve A moves the top of the work away)
#<rotaryDirection> = 1.

If you have the rotary mounted on the right hand side of your table, then you'll probably find that when you jog 'A' in the +ve direction, then the top of the part moves away from you instead of toward you.  In that case, you should change to

#<rotaryDirection> = -1.






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