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Thursday, 08 February 2024

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PathPilot ATC controller

The ATC controller is a plug and play solution to building your own automatic tool changer for PathPilot.  It plugs in to your PathPilot controller using the same USB interface and the included firmware exactly mimics the behaviour of the OEM ATC from Tormach.

To download and install the (Windows based) configuration app required to access the customisation functions, click on this link. View the version history of the configuration app here.

Installation is simplicity itself.  There are no drivers required as your PathPilot controller already has all necessary drivers.  To have PathPilot recognise the controller, follow the same steps as detailed here for the USB I/O module.  Once that's done, just plug in a USB cable to your controller and tell PathPilot you have an ATC (Path Pilot settings page).  PathPilot will recognise the ATC controller automatically and all PathPilot's ATC functions will work as with the oem ATC.

Documentation on how to connect and configure the ATC controller is here, or you can download it as a chm file..



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