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Wednesday, 06 March 2024

Fusion post processor
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Inspection probing
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CNC Products

In March 2018, XoomSpeed purchased a Tormach PCNC440 milling machine.  During the next 12 months, we developed our own automatic tool changer (ATC), a wireless conversion for the Tormach passive probe and a suite of software components to implement Fusion 360's probing routines on PathPilot.  See the buttons on the left side of this page for details.

Current status

Fusion 360 probing

The Fusion 360/PathPilot automated probing routines have been in widespread use for some time now and are definitely the best way to work.

Tormach include the modified post processor for Fusion 360 in the files area of PathPilot, but I've created a page specially for that.  Have a look for full details of the facilities it offers.

Wireless probe conversion

As of 10th July 2019, the wireless probe conversions are now available through our webshop.If you're interested in this product, please get in contact with us through our Facebook page.  I've also added more detailed information on how the conversion is performed here.

23rd May 2023 saw the first firmware update for either of the wireless components, so there's now a page dedicated to the firmware history.

PathPilot  plug-ins

There's now an architecture for adding bespoke plugins to PathPilot.  This has been available for some time now and the various plugin-ins available can enhance your mill in a variety of ways.  Visit the plug-ins page for more info.

Coming soon

In development, we have a new cooling system that combines an Android based tablet for a CNC pendant and twin, independent aimable nozzles.  There're also 4 solid state relay outputs that can be set up to support more of Fusion 360's coolant modes (Air, mist, flood, mist+flood).  Each of those modes can use a different combination of outputs and nozzles and the aim of the nozzles (plus scanning) is specified independently for every tool.  More details are available on the SubZero Coolant product page.

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