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Monday, 13 February 2023

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Inspection probing

Inspection probing is a method of using your touch probe to make measurements against a Fusion360 model.  Below is a video of how this process works

The probing program is generated by Fusion 360 (standard subscription), using our free post-processor.  That will create the data file and if you want to turn that into a nicely formatted inspection report you'll want to get a copy of XoomSpector.

For a closer look at exactly what's involved in setting this process up together with what you can expect in the report. here are some downloads that show how I went about making some test measurements on my PCNC440's table.

  1. Fusion model.  This is Tormach's PCNC440 model with a CAM setup added to perform the probing.  The program the straightness, consistency of width and the spacing between the 3 table slots on the 440's table.  They're supposed to be 10mm wide, 50mm apart and should of course be parallel to the machine's X axis.

  2. Probing results file

  3. Results converted to a pdf by XoomSpector.


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