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Friday, 09 February 2024

Myford Z axis


Myford Super 7 Info

My Myford ML7-R is of 70s vintage.  It was upgraded early in its life with all the parts you'd get with a long bed Super-7.  These upgrades include the long cross-slide, the spindle clutch and the quick change gearbox.

I subsequently replaced the single phase motor with a 3/4 hp 3 phase item and a Schneider Alitvar VFD for speed control.

In order to convert the lathe to CNC use, I added ball screws for each axis - all the original parts are still available to put the machine back to its original configuration.  The Z-Axis I designed and machined myself - details at this page, whilst the x-Axis was provided by

On the CNC side, I use a fully licensed version of Mach3, running on a Windows 10 laptop via an Ethernet Smooth Stepper and a Leadshine MX3660.

Here's some video of the machine turning a spindle for my mill's automatic tool changer from EN8 steel.


Below are photographs of the lathe.  Click on any of the thumbnails for a hi-res, detailed image.  Click the button on the left of this page to see details of the Z-axis ball screw conversion



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