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If you've ever wanted to have your PathPilot controller send you an e-mail in response to some event, then this is the plug in for you.  The code to send an e-mail was published by Nick Smith in his blog at  I have contacted Nick and verified that he's happy for me to use his work in this way.  Likewise he, and anyone else that's interested, is welcome to use and expand on my efforts.

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E-mails can be sent in response to 3 different types of event.

  1. UI button clicks.  Tormach provide hooks to enable 3rd party code to respond to clicks of e-Stop, Reset and Stop.  Each of these can be configured to trigger sending an e-mail.
  2. Machine status changes.  The plugin tracks PathPilot as it runs your g-code programs.  It can generate e-mails in response to program start, program end, enter or leave a paused state (M0, M1 or feed hold).  Tool changes that take longer than would be expected for an ATC can also trigger messages.
  3. User g-code.  The user's g-code can send messages from any point in the program.  You have to pre-prepare a number of messages and then send one by issuing a command like

    M68 E0 Q5

    Where the number following 'Q' is the identity of the message to be sent.  In Fusion360, you can create this code by using a ManualNC 'pass through' operation and entering the above code directly.  You can create as many numbered message as you like by editing the m68Messages dictionary in the plugin.


As well as values needed to configure the e-mail account (see Step 1 in Nick's article at Sending email via gcode ( you can also configure the subject and content of each of the messages described above as well as enable/disable each message individually.

Finally, if you happen to have a USB I/O board, you can configure one of its inputs to turn the whole messaging process on and off.  That means you can have a toggle switch at the side of your mill that allows you to stop all the e-mails when you're actually at the machine and only enable them again when you're away.

Latest download

Version history

Version Date Description
1 27/03/23 First release
2 29/03/23 Adds support for messages during long tool changes
Corrects error with false messages being sent when loading and unloading g-code programs

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