Wireless probe kits

Monday, 08 July 2024



Wireless probe kits

 The Fusion 360 integrated probing routines are very powerful when used on their own, but if you already have an automatic tool changer (ATC) then a wireless probe takes your mill to another level of usefulness.

To this end, we developed our own conversion kit for the Tormach passive probe (SPU40, part no. 32309 and 32310), or the Hallmark ITTP.  The conversion takes the form of a small electronics enclosure mounted on the side of the standard probe and a base station that plugs in to the accessory port of your mill, where the standard wired probe used to go.  In addition to the wireless probe interface, the base station also provides a pair of auxiliary input ports to allow, for example, an electronic tool setter to be used at the same time.

Below is a series of photographs that show the process of converting the Tormach passive probe to wireless operation.  If anything, the ITTP is simpler to convert as no soldering is required.

You can download instructions on setting up and using the wireless probe here and the kits are available via our web shop.  You can also download the Windows App you need to reconfigure the probe and/or receiver.


Probe components

The SPU40 is simple enough to dismantle

Watch a video of the later (post 2020) Tormach passive probe being converted to wireless operation.


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