Future Developments

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

V1 Hardware
First XoomBox Delivery
XoomBox V2
Xtra Flat Shift
GPS Receiver
XoomBox Software
Updating Firmware
Future Developments


Future Developments

XoomBox Hardware

We now have a working 5Hz GPS solution.  Have a look at first pics of the board in place and some results.  This will be available as an easy retrofit for V2 XoomBoxes and as a pre-installed option for new XoomBoxes.


V2.0.4 added a 'Google Maps' window which displays a recorded GPS track on top of the GoogleMaps image of the area.  I'm intending developing this further to allow Plugins access to the resulting view.  The idea would be to make it possible for a plugin to manipulate the contents of the GoogleMaps object, for example by adding markers to show the exact braking points.  I expect this to show the advantages of the 5Hz GPS receiver pretty clearly.

Xtra Flat Shift

For the 2011 season, we are converting the system on our car to run from a high pressure air bottle (SCUBA emergency tank).  This will save a little weight and complexity compared to the compressor and reservoir system.

We've also been developing a standalone version of the gearshift controller.  The firmware for this has been completed and is awaiting testing.  Once tested the enhanced firmware will be ported back to the XoomBox X10der.  The enhancements mainly concern motor bike gearboxes and the problems of finding neutral, but there is some useful added flexibility for car gearboxes too.

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