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XoomShift Solo Downloads

PC Software 24/07/12 First general release 2/11/14 Improves layout of toolbar buttons and new parameters required for firmware 1.07 1/12/14 Adds option to enable/disable test mode (firmware 1.08) 12/03/15 Adds support for downshifts with engine cut (for anti-lag engines).  Gears may be renamed for display.  Use with firmware 1.09 31/01/19 Adds option for fixed pulse length to find neutral on bike engines.  Use with firmware 1.14



1.01 24/04/12 First general release
1.02 18/09/12 Adds rejection of narrow pulses from paddles
1.03 24/01/13 Adds reversing light switch for V2 hardware
1.04 17/03/13 Converts voltage search to single sided mode.  Improves reliability of finding neutral on bike gearboxes.
1.05 23/03/13 Correct problem with throttle blip operation introduced in 1.04
1.06 24/11/13 Adds debounce logic to up and down shift paddles
1.07 2/11/14 Adds multiple autoshift modes + support for 2 colour combined gear display + shift lights
1.08 1/12/14 Add test mode enable/disable option.  Prevent engine cut signal from neutral to first
1.09 12/03/15 Supports downshift with engine cut (for anti-lag systems).  Allows gears to be renamed for display purposes.
1.11 06/06/16 Support for parallel (5 wire) interface to 2 colour gear display.  Adds simulation mode for shift lights.
1.12 16/09/16 Adds a 0.5s delay after power up before reading parameters from non-volatile memory.
1.14 31/01/19 Adds option for fixed pulse length to find neutral on bike engines

Documentation (included in the PC software installer)

Help file 30/07/12 You can view the online version of this file here

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