Forrestburn 25-26/06/11

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Forrestburn Hillclimb 25-26/06/2011

We tried the Doune hillclimb last year, this year it was time for a first visit to Forrestburn.  In fact we had done a fun night there a couple of years ago, but this was our first competitive visit.

Saturday was horrible, with drizzly rain almost all day.  This made the course extremely slippery and the start line had an incredible lack of grip.  It made for a challenging day, not helped by our lack of an alternator.  Still, we managed to get through the day and set reasonable times.  David got 1st in class, and Stephen was the fastest road car, which was a more than reasonable result for our first comp at the track.

Sunday was an altogether better day and by the afternoon the track was dry.  Our times improved steadily but not by enough to stay ahead of the other road cars.Familiarity witht he course obviously helps a lot when there are blind crests to be negotiated, but we still managed 1st and 2nd in A6.

Here's some vids of the best runs from Sunday.


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