Golspie 6-7/06/11

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Golspie Sprint 04-05/06/2011

Following the alternator failure the previous weekend, the replacement showed up just a few hours after we left for the long drive to Golspie!  That meant an interesting weekend keeping the battery alive with jump leads between runs.  At least the car was a little lighter.

Best thing about the weekend was adding ignition retard via the ecu to the injector cut we've been using for flat upshifts.  This gives a faster release of the gear dogs and sorter shift times.  The result was an average upshift time over the whole weekend of just 0.09s - a useful improvement that makes the feel noticeably different.

Anyway, here's a few photographs from the paddock,




and all the video we collected over the weekend




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