Ingliston 31/04/11

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Ingliston Sprint 30/04/2011 - 01/05/2011

Another brilliant weekend with the weather gods smiling on us.  Long may it continue.  This was also the first time we'd tried our new high pressure air system for the pneumatic gearshift.  After we remembered to fit all the o-rings, it worked perfectly.

Saturday's times were disappointing.  It took until the last run before Stephen trimmed only 0.2s off of David's record from last year.  We had been hoping for better.  On Sunday, a couple of extra cones were placed to aid the drivers' view of some difficult corners and that transformed the performances.  A change to the position of the finish line makes direct comparison impossible, but the datalogs suggest we were a full 1.25 seconds faster on Sunday.

Here're some Google Maps plots of the GPS recordings on the 2 days so you can see the changes to the finish line.  The finish line position is plotted by looking up the recorded GPS coordinates at the time for the run.  The total length of the course we measured as 1327m on Saturday, 1225m in Sunday.

The Saturday track measured 1327m

Shortened for Sunday to 1225m


Some photos from the paddock

Of we need a pic or 2 of the best car in the paddock

Not sure which side is the best

The small race cars lined up

Trying to find some missing speed

That's a BMW V8 in there!

Cute little Formula Junior from yesteryear

One of the modified kitcar contingent

JLo managed to find a fix for his clutch problems. Hope it lasts longer this time. Seemed OK on Sunday.

Perhaps being a daddy prepares you for the rigoursof looking after slicks.

Lenny's suspension settings boggled our brains.


got some video too

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