Kames 09-10/04/11

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Wigton Sprint 09/04/2011

Scottish Sporting Sprint 10/04/2011

A weekend of brilliant sunshine contrasted with the first time we did this event a few years ago.  Then there were flakes of snow falling as we lined up for the start, this year sun block and shades were de rigueur.

With the pair of events over the weekend we had lots of time to shake off the winter's cobwebs and learn how to drive again.  Both drivers managed to record a string of 83.xx times which is an excellent result for us and at lunchtime on Sunday we were tied for best time of 83.07 - a new PB for David.

Come the afternoon timed runs it was Stephen who found something extra to under the 83s barrier for the first time in a timed run.  David seemed to have forgotten how to do it and slipped back to a pair of identical 84.04s

Car with new roll cage

Can't have too much of a good thing can you?

There were other people there too

Nicely placed for entry to paddock bend

On the throttle early at the exit

We had one near disaster on the Saturday.  See if you think you could have stopped in time....


Here's the 2 best runs of the weekend.  On the 1st run, David nearly looses the tail at the hairpin and in the 2nd, the auto upshift goes into 3rd gear before the 1st corner.  Both of htese are pretty unusual for the car, so quick thinking called on to rescue the times.



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