Kames 11-12/06/11

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



East Ayrshire Sprint 11-12/06/2011

Well, we got our new alternator and fitted it with a larger pulley to reduce the rotational speed, hoping that this would reduce the massive rate of wear on the brushes which seemed to be at least part of our problem.  It worked pretty well, for a day or so.  Then the brand new alternator went the same way as its predecessors and expired!

We were also having some problems with our gearshift which has been showing occasional double downshifts this year.  During Saturday's 2nd practice, it happened again.  Half way round paddock bend, the gearbox selected 1st instead of 2nd and nearly caused David to spin.  That was the last straw and it was clearly time to find out what we'd done over the winter to cause this strange behaviour.  Back in the workshop it didn't take too long to spot that the pneumatic cylinder travel was very lop sided, moving much further in the down direction than in the up.  This was caused by the change in geometry we caused in moving the cylinder to above the gearbox, coupled with the fact that the gearbox appears to have no mechanical stop on the selector!  A quick couple of minutes adjusting the position of the magnetic sensor soon resolved this issue and things were a lot smoother on Sunday.  result!

Now all we need is a similar burst of inspiration for the alternator.

Video from Saturday

and Sunday

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