Kames 30-31/07/11

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



East Ayrshire (British Championship) Sprint 30-31/07/2011

With another alternator fitted - 3rd one this year - we turned up back at Kames for the British Championship round.  As expected, the entry was the biggest of the year with some mouthwatering cars present in the paddock.

Our weekend started well.  The alternator was charging correctly, and with everything warmed up, David went out and recorded a personal best on the anti-clockwise layout in both practice runs.  Stephen's practice runs were similarly quick so all was looking good.  The the alternator failed again!!!  That's 2 alternators in a row which have lasted less than one day of competition.  We dismantled it when we got home and found that the cooling fan had been rubbing on the stator windings and had cut through one phase.....

Anyway, we're getting used to keeping the car going using jump leads between rounds so we managed.  But for the 2nd time this season, David lost a timed run due to catching a slow car on the dirst attempt and then having the car stop with a flat battery on the re-run.  Very annoying, but with a pretty fast time already in the bag, at least both drivers got a good points scoring result for the championship.

Here's Saturday's best runs.


There was no way to replace the alternator again for Sunday, so we enjoyed the Saturday night festivities and had the battery well charged for Sunday.  Again we were blessed with weather that stayed dry for just long enough and again the car was flying for both drivers.  Second practice was the highlight with David recording a 82.61 - the fastest time the car had done at Kames - only to be bettered by Stephen on his run a few minutes later with 82.53s.  Although we couldn't equal that performance in the afternoon, both drivers recorded 83.02 which is a result we would have gladly accepted at the beginning of the day.

Here are the fast runs from Sunday

and for good measure, here are the two sub 83s runs side by side for comparison

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