Winter Work 2010/2011

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



Winter work 2010/2011

Some photos of what went on over the 2010 winter.

Nice cage

Biggest change this winter is the addition of a cage

Wiring loom

While we're at it, the wiring loom at the front of the car has always been an eyesore and needs sorting.

Chassis mods

If you know what a Westfield chassis normally looks like, you'll spot some of the mods that have been made to ours

Chassis and pedal box

The pedal box we fitted last year can be seen here

More wiring

The extent of the wiring loom rework is visible here


The engine and gearbox came out and the gearbox is going back to Elite to see what damage we did in a year of clutchless driving.

Clutch pedal

Added some bronze bushes to prevent the wear problems encountered last year

Gear shift actuator

With the gearbox out, we repositioned the actuator above the gearbox, getting rid of the original gear lever gantry and saving 2.5kg

Actuator in place

With the gearbox back in the car, the clearance to the chassis is fairly tight. All intended though

Another view of the actuator

Top left in the picture are the pneumatic control valves


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