Kames 14-15/04/12

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



East Ayrshire 14-15/04/2012

First outing on slicks, first time with the new Duratec engine and probably the worst weekend we've ever had.

Firstly we had some sort of scavenging issue with the engine.  As the oil temperature increased, the crank case appeared to be pressurising to the point that oil was being blown out of the cam cover seal.  We had to run just one driver in each round to avoid this problem, so pretty difficult for both drivers to get a good time.

Still we managed to get times well below the class record - which was the idea - then home to improvise some better crank breathing before Sunday.

1st thing Sunday morning and the engine appeared to be working better, but then disaster struck.  David put a wheel on the grass and ended up in the tyre barrier.  Damage was extensive.  Suspension on the off side basically destroyed with folded wishbones, bent springs and damaged dampers.  Damaged suspension mounts and a bent chassis and finally a snapped steering rack.

We didn't take any pictures of the carnage, but the car was stripped to the bare chassis and rebuilt in a few weeks to make it to the next event.

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