Winter Work 2012/2013

Friday, 15 March 2013



Winter work 2012/2013

Some photos of what went on over the 2011-12 winter.

The gearshift was working far too well over the last year, so we just had to change it all.

Original bits

The ratchet/indexer is removed and dismantled. Apart from the alloy housing, none of this ig going back.

The original indexer

The square part at the left engages in the gear shift barrel

Replacement shaft and coupling

The replacement shaft is machined in alloy and connects a rotary pneumatic drive direct to the barrel

Rotary drive

And here's the rotary actuator.

Fit the coupling to the shaft

In position

The shaft and coupling sits in the end of the selector barrel.

Housing in place

The housing has an extra hole drilled to give access to the coupling clamp bolt.

Actuator in place

The hole in the end of the housing is opened out 1mm, and three M5 holes have been drilled and tapped to mount the actuator.

Here's what it looks like

There's just enough clearance between the actuator and the propshaft flange.


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