Updating Firmware

Tuesday, 24 July 2012



Updating XoomBox Firmware2

All XoomBoxes are shipped with a serial bootloader installed.  This makes it a simple process to transfer firmware updates from any PC to the XoomBox flash memory.


  1. A PC with a serial (RS232) port.  USB ports are acceptable here
  2. A null modem serial cable
  3. A copy of AVRProg.exe.  This is a free tool available from Atmel (manufacturers of the AVR processors) and is part of the AVR Studio download.  Get it from Atmel's download page.  Once AVRStudio is installed, you will find AVRProg in C:\Program Files\Atmel\AVR Tools\AvrProg.  It is a single file, stand alone executable which you can copy/move as you want.


  1. With the XoomBox powered down, insert a memory card with its write protect tab in the protected position.
  2. Set the logging switch to the on position.
  3. Power on the XoomBox.  The combination of a write protected RAM card and the logging switch on when the power is applied cause the XoomBox to enter the bootstrap loader.  You will know this has happened because there will be a single shift light flashing steadily.
  4. Start AVRProg.  It will detect the XoomBox and connect automatically.
  5. Load the firmware (hex) file into AVRProg, and press the program button.  AVRProg will download the new firmware file and then verify correct programming.
  6. Full documentation for using AVRProg can be found in Atmel's datasheet.


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