V1 Hardware

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

V1 Hardware
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XoomBox Hardware description

The XoomBox hardware is housed in an aluminium case measuring 200 x 105 x 61mm.  Below are pictures of the first prototype board partially populated together with photographs of the completed board installed in its case, at this stage with hand made carbon fibre end plates.  The board's construction and hardware testing were completed in time for its first outing to Alford on 06/10/07.


The first prototype circuit board



Based around an Atmel AVR Mega128 processor, the XoomBox has the following I/O

  • RS232 - used for diagnostics and testing correct operation of the other I/O
  • Analogue inputs. 8, 10bit analogue inputs (2 connected internally to +/- 2g accelerometers.  Ranges are individually selectable 0..2.5V, or 0..10V
  • Pulse frequency inputs.  5 frequency measuring inputs are provided for connection to engine and wheel speed sensors.  Resolution of these inputs is 4 microseconds, and the firmware adjusts the sampling interval to ensure the recorded values always have a resolution of 0.1% or better.
  • Switch inputs. 5 switch inputs are provided to control data logging, traction control, launch control and flat shift functions
  • SD RAM card.  A socket is provided for a FAT16 formatted SD RAM card.  The card is used to configure the XoomBox and to record data during a run.
  • Shift lights.  Drivers for 7 high brightness LEDs provide a sequential shiftlight function
  • Fuel Injectors.  4 inputs are provided to allow the XoomBox to monitor the ecu's driving of the fuel injectors.  4 high current outputs allow the XoomBox to turn the power supply to the injectors on and off synchronised with the ecu activity.  This allows the XoomBox to control the engine's output by supressing individual injector pulses without risking lean running caused by partial pulses.

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