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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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XoomCentre Analysis Software

XoomCentre is a modern .Net framework based application used both to configure the XoomBox, and to analyse data recordings.  Multiple vehicle configurations can be maintained, and multiple logfiles from those vehicles can be combined into a single analysis project.  The project then creates 1 or more graphs, each of which can display as many recorded signals as required from any of the available logfiles.  It is therefore simple to compare speeds across different vehicles, drivers and runs.  Each graph can be annotated with rich formatted text notes, and the resulting project can be rendered into a single exported document. 

You can download the install program for the latest XoomCentre by visiting the downloads page.  Unpack the zip file, then run setup.exe.  This will install XoomCentre together with a selection of project files.  The project files are placed in 'My Documents\My XoomSpeed\*.xpj'.

As well as displaying information direct from the log files, XoomCentre uses a system of plugins to allow calculations to be performed on the logged data.  These calculations can either modify the data in the logfile, or add new traces or just print out results of calculations made on the data.  A no. of plugins have been written already for the system (details here) and others are simple to write using the built in JavaScript interpreter with auto completion and syntax checking editor.

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