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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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XoomBox V2 description

After 2 years of competition use, we put what we'd learned into a series of modifications to the original XoomBox.  Since the original has performed so well, we didn't feel any major changes were necessary, so the changes are all small and evolutionary.

  • Made it all smaller.  The new case and board are 20mm shorter and 15mm (25%) lower than the original.
  • Added a mini DIN connector to the front for direct connection of GPS receivers.  Since many GPS receivers come fitted with this type of connector, this saves making an adapter.  Easier and more reliable, it also gets the cable out of the way of the SD memory card.  Both the mini DIN and the RS232 connector have 5V (optional by internal jumper for the RS232) which makes powering the GPS much more straight forward.
  • X10ders (pronounced extenders).  We now have the ability to fit an add on card inside the XoomBox which will enable us to take on control functions for a pneumatic shift system.  See the pictures below.  Depending on what firmware is loaded in the X10der processor, and what components are fitted to the board, the 1st X10der can be configured as
    • 4 additional analogue inputs
    • 3 analogue inputs and a 7seg display drive for sequential gearbox display.
    • control system for pneumatic gear shift including display of selected gear.
  • Added reverse polarity protection.  It is now safe to connect the power reversed.  We have tested this!
  • Different power connector.  Should be more positive than the original.  Same pcb mounting though so we can use either.
  • All other connectors unchanged, and pinouts are the same (5V now supplied on a previously unused pin to make using the analogue inputs easier).
  • Firmware compatible with the original.  Although we will continue to develop the firmware - particularly for the X10ders - all previous firmware versions will run on this board, and all future revisions will run on the V1 hardware.

Here are some photos to show how it was done.  The casework shown is provisional, the real ones should be even better.

From the front

The new case is 25% lower than the old one. You can also see here the new mini DIN connector for the GPS sensor. The black bezel is optional. It can be removed to save a couple of mm in width. Looks nice though!

From the side

The reduction in length is less spectacular than the height, but it is welcome anyway.

Rear panel.

The rear panel shows the new connectors from an X10der module. In this photo, the bezel has been removed.

Rear Panel

A better view of the rear panel

The boards side by side

Some things were removed completely, some replaced, others just rearranged to savespace.


Here you see the new board with the first X10der module beside it.

Board + X10der

The X10der mounts on pillars at the rear of the main board. It's a tight fit in the lower case!


A closeup of the rear panel connectors. Both the main board and the X10der have rear panel space.


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