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Wednesday, 03 July 2019



XoomShift Solo sequential gearbox controller

Following on from the success of the Xtra FlatShift X10der for the XoomBox, many requests were received for a stand alone version of the gearbox function, without the integrated data logger, launch and traction control functions.  These led to the XoomShift Solo, pictured below.

This unit features all the same capabilities as the original, including shift lights, gear display and auto, rpm triggered up-shifting but uses a USB cable to download configurations from your PC.  The pneumatic system is identical to the original and the connectors have almost identical pinouts (only the tacho feed is in a different place) which means you can install the XoomShift Solo and know that in future upgrading to the full XoomBox solution is simply a question of unplugging one box and plugging in the other.

Full documentation for the system is online here, or you can download it from our downloads page.


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